Janet`s September 2018 letter to the Community

Ok – so we’ve had some very unusual weather these last few weeks.  Very hot.  Very dry.  Sudden massive downpours.  Well – that’s Britain for you!  And yes, some of it has been rather uncomfortable.  But overall this experience has made me realise how overwhelmingly fortunate I am.  

When it’s hot, I can sit in front of a fan.  When it rains I might get wet, but I can get inside and get warm and dry.  Some foods may be a bit more expensive due to poor harvests – but I won’t starve.  I have enough to eat, and no prospect of not being able to afford a decent diet.  This is, of course, not the case for many millions of people across the world.  For them, lack of rain, or rain at the wrong time, risks hunger and sometimes starvation.  For others, lack of shelter creates danger as well as discomfort.  We are so very fortunate.

So – as we approach our annual Harvest Thanksgiving on 30th September, let us do so with real thankfulness in our hearts, and a spirit of generosity towards those who are less fortunate.  As before, we will be making donations to the Foodbank, in recognition that there are people in great need on our doorsteps as well as far away.  We will be following our service with a “bring and share lunch”, a further opportunity to rejoice in God’s goodness together as we share in his bounty.  Do come and join us.  And enjoy the blessings that God has showered on you!

P.S.  I’ve mentioned this before but there’s no harm in repeating it:  when giving donations to the Food Bank, or to any other food collection programme, please make sure you check the list of useful goods, and check the expiry dates, making sure that there’s at least three months still to go.  Out-of-date food cannot be used and it sometimes takes a little while to be distributed.  People in desperate situations don’t need food poisoning on top of everything else.

With every blessing,


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