Janet`s June 2018 letter to the Community

The month of June is an important one for St Paul’s Goodmayes and the three other Anglican churches in our local area.  We have had significant informal links for some time with All Saints Goodmayes, St John’s Seven Kings and St Peter’s Aldborough Hatch, but on the 14th June we will be formally commissioned as a “Mission and Ministry Unit”, with a commitment to work, worship and learn together whenever possible.  We’re called “the FERM” -  which stands for the Far East Redbridge Mission and Ministry Unit - because our parishes are on the eastern boundary of Redbridge Deanery!

If we’ve had informal links for some time, why is it so significant that we become a formal “Mission and Ministry Unit”?  The answer is that we will be making a commitment to work, worship and learn together – and this, even though we belong to quite different traditions within the Church of England (ask me about this if you want to know more!). 

It’s interesting that, during the period after Easter, the season of special rejoicing in Jesus’ resurrection and all that it means for our lives today, many of the Gospel readings set by the Church emphasise Jesus’ prayers and commands that those who follow him should love one another and live in unity.  This message was originally given to Jesus’ first disciples who were a very diverse bunch – in age, educational background, political affiliation and temperament.  They often had difficulty getting along together, as several Gospel stories tell us.  And those challenges continued in the Early Church.  Jesus knew that his followers would have to work at their unity and their love for one another.

There are many different things that can divide us, both as Christians and as people in today’s world but Jesus’ command to love one another, and his prayer “that they may all be one” still stand.  The churches of the FERM are taking a small step towards living out that command and that prayer.   The Commissioning Service will take place at St Paul’s on Thursday 14th June at 7.30pm.  Come and celebrate with us!

With every blessing,


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