Janet`s February 2018 letter to the Community

Dear Friends

I’ve just had a cataract operation.  These days this is a very straightforward procedure, and mine was no exception, although it has left my reading vision a bit odd, as the new lens in the operated eye has been set for good distance vision.  It’s taking a while to get used to it and, as a consequence, I’ve been thinking quite a lot about “sight” and “seeing”. 

It’s interesting that the phrase “I see” can mean “I understand”.  In this use “seeing” has nothing to do with physical vision, but with the grasping of inner meaning.  We’ve probably all had the experience of gradually, or even suddenly, coming to understand something that was confusing or incomprehensible to us before, and finding that we are able to say, “Yes, I see …” 

What makes this “seeing” possible?  Of course, sometimes it is simply more information or more experience, but in the Gospels, it is usually associated with an encounter with God, which brings new perspective and insight, as well as a willingness to respond.  So the next question is: how do we create these encounters with God so that we are able to see life in its true perspective?  And of course, we begin by making time for them.  Adopting a pattern of daily prayer and a discipline of weekly worship is a good place to start.  We cannot hope to hear what God is saying to us, to “see” what he wants to reveal to us, if we do not take time to meet with him.  Let us pray for God to make his will known to us as we spend time with him, so that we can say, “I see…”.  And we then pray for God’s grace to help us to be willing to follow – that is another challenge!

Something to work on, perhaps, as we move through this new year.

With every blessing,



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